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Sepia Canvas Golden Roots Tote with Black Trim

Sepia Canvas golden roots tote with black leather trims. Even the trims have flecks of gold! Do you want to be glamorous or subtle? This tote has roots on one side and leaves on the other, so no matter what you are in the mood for, this tote will work for you! Inside has 2 slip pockets, a zip pocket and red cotton sateen lining.


11 * 6.5 * 13.5

Price: $180

Each piece is made to order and individually handpainted. Hence, while the design will be the same, there will be variations in every piece, making what you own truly one of a kind.

Also, changes can be made to customize the order to your needs. For eg. if you would like a certain design but would prefer it on a different bag or wallet, just send an email to Anything is possible with Pittura Arte!

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