Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where and how are Pittura Arte bags made?

Pittura Arte bags are designed by Shruthi Krishnaswamy and made of high quality pure cow hide leather & canvas at a factory in Chennai, India. Each bag is then hand painted individually by Shruthi Krishnaswamy in Seattle, WA.

2. Where do you ship?

We ship internationally. However, for orders outside the United States, please place your order by email to and we will send you further instructions on shipping and payment. It typically takes 3-4 days to ship an order after it is placed. Shipping & handling costs are added during the payment stage.

3. What forms of payment do you accept?

All transactions are completed through PayPal. This allows you to choose how you want to pay (link your bank account, debit card, or credit card), and their secure data encryption technology provides you with an extra level of protection against fraud.

4. How well does the painted area hold up? Does it wear off easily?

Permanent durable fabric paints are used to paint Pittura Arte products. They are waterproof and will not fade off. Scraping the painted area against a sharp object is the only way to cause damage to a Pittura Arte hand painted bag.

5. What if I like a bag that is out of stock?

Please email and tell us how much you love it. We will look into doing a custom order for you.

6.How do I place a customer order?

Please email regarding your request. A follow up phone conversation to discuss specific details, pricing, timing and so forth will follow. Pittura Arte wants to create your dream piece for you :)

Note to customers in Seattle, WA: If you want to avoid shipping costs, you have the opportunity to pick up your Pittura Arte piece in person. Please email if you would like to do so.